Howdy, 👋 I’m Artur, and I’m here to live deliberately.

My mission is to discover the missing Internet manual that empowers everybody.

As my day job, I help build online businesses at Tumblr & Both a psychologist and a computer scientist by education, I created this site to explore how global consciousness reshapes society, economy, labor, and art. I focus on:

  • Helping to create a healthy economy in the magical land of the Internet,
  • Making Remote Work work, so you get to find a fulfilling vocation regardless of where you’re born,
  • Escaping the overwhelm (aka Reducing Cognitive Load).
  • Battling the fake news epidemic

My best essays

Deliberate guides

  1. Deliberate guide to getting hired for a great remote job
  2. Win at Slack: Free 5-day Effective Communication Bootcamp
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Deliberate Internet

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New essays

Competence is fractal. Plus transgenic trees.

Imagine being hired at your dream company. Finally, you move from the current pond limiting your potential to an ocean of new possibilities and challenges. You’d get to learn from the smartest people you ever hoped to meet, and challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. And yet, after a while, you’d find yourself…

History is not that Deliberate

History is not only written by the winners. It’s also rewritten by people with an agenda. Scholars and experts not only scour past events to highlight their favorite version but also according to their own philosophy of history. The most common are: Great Man Theory – Churchill, Lincoln, Caesar, Charlemagne, Stalin. The greats have disproportionate…