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If you ever asked yourself any of these questions, this site is for you

  • I hear remote work is great! How do I start?
  • Won’t I get lonely working remotely? Will I turn into a savage that only talks to pigeons?
  • My smartphone is taking over my life. How do I benefit from technology without being a slave?
  • I want more flexibility, but I don’t want to be one of those unemployed freelance people that don’t know what they will eat next month
  • There is so much advice for people living in California or New York. They seem to have every opportunity. How do I use this advice if I’m from eastern Europe, India or rural midwest?
  • Tim Ferriss said that I can save at home and live like a king in a cheap country. But… my home IS a cheap country! How do I reverse this advice? is about – you guessed it – being deliberate. Picking the path in life that serves YOU. It’s about asking hard questions now, so that you can save yourself years of mediocrity down the line.

Artur aka me

Me, on a workday. I biked the Loire valley with a laptop on my back and no time off.

After a somewhat predictable career in a corporation, I became a little resentful. See, I was sitting in an open space, working on the same boring tasks, perusing Hacker News, Instagram or other site and reading about all those lucky folks having amazing lives, opportunities and challenges to solve. I wanted to travel, but how much can you see with 21 days of vacation?

I was hungry for something more.

Not THAT much more mind you. Being employed appeals to me – I like a steady salary, outrageous benefits and not fighting for my invoices to be paid. It seemed that I either need to move to Silicon Valley or become a freelancer.

I’m sure I will share a more detailed story, but I started working for Automattic. This is a distributed company, with 800+ employees all around the globe. It has been around for more than 10 years and it solved many challenges of remote work.

After 3 years I do believe that remote work is the future. Yes, it allows millienials to have amazing Instagram photos, but that’s not the point (shocking, I know).

Remote work allows everyone to participate in amazing global economy.

I didn’t have to choose between being close to my grandparents and a career in the world-class startup. I didn’t have to ditch my friends and move to a place where rent is literally 15x higher ( wink wink San Francisco ). It doesn’t matter where you’re born, if you have children / dogs / goats to feed or your wife cannot move because she likes her job. You can work remotely. You have internet – you’re reading this.

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