Remote Work

Thank you! I have noted your interest in Remote Work. You can expect emails from me on that very subject.

Here are the posts I have written on the subject:

How Starcraft can help your career.

Did you know that Starcraft 2 is remastered, and free to play now? Or that it can help your career?
Read about Starcraft, Factorio, Shopify and Apple in the 47th issue of Deliberate Internet.

Competence is fractal. Plus transgenic trees.

Imagine being hired at your dream company. Finally, you move from the current pond limiting your potential to an ocean of new possibilities and challenges. You’d get to learn from the smartest people you ever hoped to meet, and challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. And yet, after a while, you’d find yourself…

Welcome to the talent wars

The new sought-after resource will be talent. Cities like Miami are already actively fighting for tax dollars of location independent workers.

Penguins and Effective Advice.

In 42nd issue of the Deliberate Internet, we chat about giving actionable advice, and that what you do in your bed is your business, even if that means business.

All about the trees on the Internet

Trees can teach us a lot about the compounding nature of success, the perseverance, and how Internet rewards taking multiple shots. All about the trees on the Internet in the 24th edition of Deliberate Internet.